The Nedoma Research Group

Growing Tall Poppies since 2016

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Principal Investigator
Dr. Alisyn J. Nedoma
Lecturer, Chemical and Materials Engineering
University of Auckland
PhD Students
  Lal Busher Azad
co-advised by Prof. Mohammed Farid
Block copolymer-templated plastic solar cells
  Sina Sheikholeslami
main supervisor: Prof. David Williams, co-supervisor: Prof. Wei Gao
Callaghan Scholar
Self-healing anti-corrosion coatings
Masters of Engineering Students
  Delwin Tanto
Solution-grown conductive nanofibers for plastic electronics
Summer Research Students
Leah Agustin
Thermodynamics of crystallization in conductive polymer solutions
Charles Joh
Supercritical-fluid assisted recycying of consumer plastics
Victoria Pickett
Controlling breath figure patterns on P3HT films by altering humidity during spin coating
Lab Alumni*
Jen Sun Hong, Final-year project, Dean’s Programme Summer Research Scholar
Does the morphology of latex affect the electrical properties/morphology of a PEDOT:PSS when a thin film is formed?
Neha Mamidi, Final-year project
Calibrating an Acoustic Ripeness Tester for Kiwifruit
Michelle Pather, Final-year project
The Effect of Temperature on Short Term Ethyl Acetate Degradation in Beer
Nicholas Kam, Final-year project
Effect of Processing on Topology and Hydrophobicity of Polydimethylsiloxane
Daniel Tanner, Summer Research Scholar

*Please note that the author’s own the copyright to the reports herein posted and have granted permission to be used as educational materials